The Arts

Happening @Hayner

By Cheyenne Copeland,

Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

TROY- Are you looking for cheap date ideas, or even something to do with some friends? Check out the Hayner.

The Hayner Cultural Center was formerly the home of Mary Jane Hayner in 1914. Hayner offers classes in art, writing, photography and a variety of other classes. There are also many exhibits displayed throughout the year, most are musical, family friendly and free open to the public.

The Hayner has a variety of classes that high school students would enjoy, including Bob Ross Technique painting, Theorem painting, Marker Rendering, needle felting, quilt making, knitting, quilling, card-making, glass etching, calligraphy, alcohol ink, fused glass, wire embellishing, ceramics, ballroom dance, guitar, and genealogy.

“I would like draw the attention of the junior and senior class Trojans to attend our ballroom dance classes. This fall our instructors are offering classes in Homecoming and Prom Preparation. There’s a $25 fee per person for each three week class, and a 4 dollar donation will be made to the Prom or Homecoming Committee for every student who takes the class. You do not need to have a partner,”  said Mrs. Sargent.

Admission to see the exhibits is always free. Specifically, there are eight different concerts planned for fall. There will also be a free monthly Film Series, high school students will not be admitted to an rated R film without a parent, there are several other films that you are welcome to attend this fall.

Seniors looking for community service hours or National Honor Society students can volunteer at two family events. The first event is the Boo Bash on Saturday, October 27 from 1-4pm. The second event is a Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 1 from 1-5pm. If you would like to volunteer for either of these events, please call Leona Sargent’s (937) 339-0457 at least a month in advance of the event. Students who volunteer for either of these events should like being around kids (hundreds of kids).

Fall Play a Success

By Sierra Gross,
Trojan Tempo Staff Editor

The Queen of Hearts, played by Rayn Shamblin, presides over the court case against Alice. Photo by Megan Grube

TROY- Alice was a complete success for the thespians in the Trojan Family. Many positive compliments and comments could be heard in the lobby after both performances.

“I really enjoyed the play, I would totally recommend anyone to see the play,” stated Angela, a school teacher from Dayton who heard about the play from a friend. “My favorite scene was when Alice was talking with Humpty Dumpty.”

“My wife and my daughter Tori and I all enjoyed the play very much; it was very colorful, and they did a very nice job,” said Mr. Gegel. “I think the thing I enjoyed the most when seeing the play, was seeing the students I know from class, on stage performing, and seeing them in a different kind of context. I particularly enjoyed seeing Alissa Dever as the Jabberwocky, Autumn Bruns as a flower and Sierra Gross as a puppeteer behind the cat.”

“I thought the play was great, really awesome,” stated Lydia Ryann. “I would tell everyone to go see the play, it was really cool and it was awesome to see everyone who tried a lot in it. My favorite scene was the mad tea party.”

“The play was very colorful and very unique from the Tim Burton version,” said Angelica Manzano. “I would recommend anyone to see the play, it was amazing. My favorite scene was when the white rabbit revealed that he was the brave knight and was talking to Alice, and then they hugged.”

“I thought it was a phenomenal play,” said Fred Starner. “I think people should go see the play, because at first I thought it was just gonna be a big waste of my time, but then when the ball was really rolling I loved it. The court scene when the caterpillar says that Alice isn’t very good at explaining, that was really hilarious.”