When I was a senior…


By Cheyenne Copeland,
Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

Dream job as a child? President.

Favorite color? Taupe.

What high school did you attend? Elyria High School.

Grad year HS? 2000.

What songs, tv shows or movies were popular your senior year? Bring It On, Scary Movie, Remember the Titans, NSYNC-Bye, Bye, Bye, Real Slim Shady, Friends, South Park, Dawson’s Creek.

What college(s) did you attend? Mount Union for undergrad and The University Dayton for my Master’s.

What subject do you teach? Choir.

Favorite thing about teaching your subject? Having students in my class for years!

Tips to succeed in your class? Open your mouth and try.

Plans after you retire? Try to make it as an old lady on Broadway.

What job would you have if you couldn’t be a teacher? Professional assistant or a Professional Organizer.

Favorite book? Sarah Plain and Tall.

Best teacher friend? Mrs. McIntosh.

Who would you choose to play you in a movie? Anne Hathaway- I looked just like her when Princess Diaries came out- Same enormous hair!

How are today’s senior similar to seniors your senior year? They care about making the last year of HS count.

How are they different? Phones and Internet- I never sent an e-mail until I went to college.

Advice for graduates? Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school and leave room in your life for happy accidents (including failure- part of life).

Name: Mrs. Sagona.