True and False w/Mr. True


By Ridhi Patel,
Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

THS- Mr. True is a new teacher in Troy High School’s math department this year. As he is a new math teacher, I caught up with him to get to know him a little better, and what better way to learn than some true or false questions.

True or False, you went to the University of Kentucky.
“That is true.”

True or False, you grew up in Troy.
“That’s false, I actually grew up in Covington.”

True or False, this is your first year teaching.
“False, I taught at Sidney High School for three years.”

True or False, you have a dog named after a Pokémon.
“True. It is named after Eevee.”

True or False, you’ve been involved in marching band for 14 years.
“Well, technically true.”

True or False, you live in Piqua.

True or False, you were born in Kentucky.

True or False, you were good at math in high school.
True or False, you always wanted to become a math teacher.
“False, I wanted to be a teacher, I just didn’t settle on math until my senior year, a band director being my other choice. There was a period of time in college where I almost switched to psychology, though.”

True or False, you’re married.

True or False, you only teach geometry all day.”
“That’s true.”

If you have any more questions for Mr. True, stop by room 174 right next door to Mrs. Owen’s room to get to know our newest member of the math department!