Tight clothes, tighter rules


By Blake Morgan
Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

THS- The dress code policy at Troy High School is like that of most other high schools: nothing too short or too tight, nothing endorsing drugs, alcohol, or violence, nothing too exposing. This is a perfectly respectable set of rules.
Right off the bat, though, I’m biased in the argument, and that’s not just because I’ve been dress-coded twice this year. My bias stems from the fear of some hypothetical Orwellian situation in which a public high school dictates exactly what the students wear. Of course that’s far from the case at THS, but the idea still irks me. I think that the reins on us students should be loosened some.
Sure, there’s a time and a place for everything–I’m looking at you, cat ear people–but a fair amount of students are almost, if not already, legal adults. None of us really give two about what others wear. We come here, get through the day and leave without thinking twice about that witty shirt we saw in first period.
I feel like the writers of the rules tried too hard, and in vain, to think like high school students. Seeing a bra strap or an exposed shoulder is not distracting, nor is a graphic t-shirt with a chuckle-worthy (and, if I’m being honest, sacrilegious) pun on it.
I’ve personally seen some questionable shirts floating around the halls over my high school career, but not a single one of them ever struck me as distracting, angering, offensive, or inappropriate.
Nowadays, most humor on clothing is bold, more “daring”, much more lax than those in the past three decades or so. Maybe the time is nearing for the rules to adapt with the changing world?