Poppin’ Off popcorn store set to open


By Camryn Spencer,
Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

TROY- Downtown Troy is getting a new addition to the shops with “Poppin’ Off”, the new popcorn store set to open after the first of the year. The store will be located near Pachamama Market and Ark & Echo, and will give Troy a new store that will truly “pop” your socks off.

The Trojan Tempo Staff Writers got to sample some of the famous flavors of the gourmet popcorn, including “traditional” flavors such as It’s a Big Dill, Pizza, Chicago Style, and Buffalo with a mix of some spooky fun flavors like Mummy Mix, Cookies and Scream, and the Blood Splattered Blend.
“I’m not a huge fan of popcorn, I’ll eat it every now and then if there’s a lot of butter and salt, but these flavors were very unique and great tasting,” said senior writer Calvin Armstrong on his take of Poppin’ Off’s unique flavors.
The mixture consisted of both sweet and savory, with Chicago Style marrying the two ideas together. The sweet flavors came out on top of them all. The top three sweet flavor among the class were at no. 1: Cookies and Scream, no. 2: Blood Splattered Blend, and Mummy Mix coming in a no. 3.
“Cookies and Scream was very sweet,” said senior writer Delaney Fields. “This is great because I love sweets. The popcorn had large chunks of Oreo cookies in it, which made me very happy.”

On the savory side, It’s a Big Dill seemed to rise to the top amongst the writers, advancing over flavors Buffalo, Chicago Style, and Pizza.
“[It’s a Big] Dill had the lovable salty flavor of dill pickles, an odd flavor for popcorn, but exceeded expectations,” said senior writer Blake Morgan.
The biggest down fall of the flavors was pizza, with a whopping 10 out of 12 responses urging against the pizza blasted popcorn.
“The pizza flavored one tasted a lot like the Pizza Goldfish or Pringles as opposed to actual pizza,” said junior writer Allison Irey.
“[Pizza], for lack of a better term, was disgusting,” said senior writer Chris Mobelini. “The flavor vaguely resembled an actual pizza, and while two reporters liked this flavor, I thought it was inedible.”

All in all, the Trojan Tempo staff found Poppin’ Off to be a great success across the whole board. The store will open after the first of the year, so make sure you pop into the store and grab a bag of deliciously flavored popcorn!
Camryn Spencer is a senior at Troy High School and isn’t a big fan of popcorn herself, but enjoyed most, if not all, of the popcorn choices available during class.