More than just blowing smoke


By Zach Nave,
Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

THS- Vaping or Juuling has found its way into THS.
Vaping is no stranger to our generation. It has been popular over the last four to five years, and with the addition of the Juul, it is only getting more attention. Not only are students doing it outside of school, but now it is being brought into our school by our own peers.
Any form of a narcotic brought into Troy High School is against the code of conduct and disciplinary action will be taken immediately. Also, using these vaping pens, or Juuls, is extremely harmful to your body.
One little Juul pod has the nicotine equivalent to one pack of cigarettes or 200 cigarette puffs. Vaping and Juuls contain chemicals that have been found to cause cancer and although they are fairly new in terms of definitive health risks, doctors are warning teens not to take those risks lightly. The younger an individual starts, the more likely it is that he or she will develop some kind of illness.
While the reasons people try it are unclear…it may be just because of the trend, or maybe that a close friend does it, the one thing that is certain, is that it is addictive. It is widely known that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. Nicotine effects young people’s cognitive development; if addicted to nicotine at a younger age, young people are more susceptible to other addictions later on in life, and it’s harder to quit nicotine.
“Vaping is an issue that has occurred in our school,” said Troy High School Principal Mr. Dilbone. “While it has become more popular over the years, and unfortunately that problem has started to trickle into our school, it isn’t as wide-spread as some think.”
Dilbone said that 10 students have been disciplined for possessing or using e-cigarrettes like Juuls, but that the number is not nearly as large as rumor has it.
“I think it is a credit to our student body that they don’t want it in THS,” Dilbone added. “I encourage everyone that if they see it, say something.”
The majority of the THS student body seems to be rejecting the idea of vaping. “I honestly think that these people just want to look cool,” said senior Hailey Taylor. “It’s really just common sense. Don’t bring it into school and you won’t get in trouble.”
Juuling is not just addictive, but it can be dangerous too. On several occasions, “vape stores” have been caught putting diluted alcohol into their juices. They do this because it runs out quicker, and it makes them more money. Diluted alcohol can kill you. (If it were to accidentally squirt in your eyes, you are prone to lose your sight.) Is it really worth the risk?

If you see or know anyone who may have or use one of these items, please go straight to a teacher, any of the principals, or Officer Tilley. As always, stay safe Troy students.
If you vape or someone you know vapes and would like to learn more about the risks associated with vaping or for more information on e-cigarettes and vaping, visit