How old is too old to trick-or-treat?


By the Trojan Tempo Staff

THS- The age old question high schoolers have to answer is, when do you stop trick or treating?
The Trojan Tempo staff is definitely divided on this one. While seven reporters agree that as long you are in costume, you should be able to trick or treat, five reporters agree that junior high is the cut off age.
“A lot of people agree that trick or treating is for children 13 and younger,” said Ambrosia Wescott. “But they don’t think about the people who love to dress up; some people put so much time and effort into a costume because they enjoy it and want to show it off.”
“With costumes, free candy and no obligation to visit family, Halloween would have to be my favorite holiday,” said Grace Hartman. “Unfortunately, I usually work on Trick-or-Treat night and have neither the time or motivation to pull together a costume, then put up with wearing it for several hours. Plus, I have money to go get candy myself now, so what’s the point of scavenging? My family hangs onto the idea that Halloween is meant for anyone that wants to enjoy it, so as long as they’re in costume, they’ll get something from us.”
“There’s no exact age cut off for trick or treating, but I think once you hit seventh grade it’s time to quit,” explained Caroline Rhea. “Once you hit high school, there’s no exceptions, no matter how great your costume is.”
Several reporters also mentioned that teens could be getting into mischief if they don’t trick or treat, so maybe it’s OK to let older kids trick or treat.
“High schoolers could be doing drugs, hurting YOUR property with pranks or partying,” said Camryn Spencer.