Hoco/Prom-posals…still a hit or hit the road?


By The Trojan Tempo Staff

THS- You’ve all seen them, in the parking lot, in the commons, by a locker, a poster with a witty saying on it and gifts that coincide with the question: will you be my date to homecoming or prom. Prom-posals got their big break as a result of social media and have hung around for several years. The Tempo staff decided to ask the question…are Prom-posals a hit or do they need to hit the road?
“I think the proposals are extremely unnecessary. Making a big spectacle of something like this is cliche and outdated,” said Camryn Spencer.
“I think that Prom-posals are still in just because we see many fun and creative ways for people to be asked to the dances,” explained Jakob Libecap.
After a survey of the Tempo staff writers, our classroom voted 8-4 against the proposals.
“I think many are dumb because they don’t mean anything,” said Delaney Fields. “…when you ask someone to a dance it should be something meaningful, that represents your relationship, even if it is as friends or a couple.”
“Keep it simple,” advised Calvin Armstrong.