Emma Kennett


Name: Emma Kennett
Grade: 9
Sport: Cross Country

Words to live by: At the end of the day, you should be able to say that you tried your best.
Toughest opponent: Audrey Desantis from Springfield Shawnee; We are both freshman and our times are always super close.
Favorite home-cooked meal: My favorite home cooked meal is when my mom makes a vegetarian BLT, no tomato.
Favorite restaurant: Rapid Fired Pizza. The pesto pizza there is amazing.
Whose mind would you like to read: My pets. It’d be cool to know what they want.
Place where you’d love to travel: Key West.
Something in the world you’d like to change: I would change how people care for animals. It is so sad to see animals being treated with no respect or compassion.
Do you plan to play in college, where: I would like to attend college but haven’t thought of where yet.
What sets you apart from your competition: My discipline.
What are your strengths? I am always focused on exactly where I am at in a race, not letting the people around me distract me.
What are your goals for yourself before you finish high school: I would love to be a state champion someday but for now, I am focused on beating my personal records, as well as the records of others.
What keeps you motivated: I love to keep track of other high school’s times. It makes me want to continue to push myself and strive for better.
What gets you fired up before a game: When I arrive to a meet, I always walk the course. It gets me so excited, I just want to run it.
Other clubs/activities/sports: Before the seventh grade, I played soccer for eight consecutive years. Once I got into the junior high, I began cross country and quit soccer right then.
Most memorable accomplishment: Being the first female at Troy Junior High to break 12 in a race.
Advice for aspiring players: To quote Steve PreFontaine, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
Who is your role model: I look up to is Morgan Gigandet. She greatly inspired me my seventh grade year and I feel honored to have been able to practice with her.

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