Simply Thankful

    Mr. and Mrs. Strope with Benjamin Strope.

    By Mr. Owen, Trojan Tempo Advisor

    Mr. and Mrs. Strope with Benjamin Strope.

    TROY- Pick the cliché…Everything happens for a reason, God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, Good things come to those who wait – each of those coined phrases has been uttered at times of difficulty in an effort to comfort those suffering. People who have been turned down for jobs, those facing divorce or break up, even those who have trouble conceiving have all heard at least one of these phrases.

    Mr. and Mrs. Strope are no strangers to the students in the Troy City Schools. Mrs. Strope directs the orchestras and Mr. Strope is a music teacher and directs the men’s chorus. The couple co-directs the musical. But as of 10 am Nov. 20, they have new roles, mom and dad.

    The Stropes adopted a baby boy named Benjamin, who was born the week of November 13, and couldn’t be more thankful. “It is very surreal,” said Mrs. Strope. “We had two weeks’ notice that our lives were about to change. We fell in love with him the very moment we saw him.”

    The transition has been smooth so far for the new family. “It feels amazing to be parents. It has come in stages, first, when he was placed in our arms, then we took him home from the hospital and finally after we got the call that he was ours,” Mrs. Strope explained.

    The Stropes are both out on leave and while there are sure to be some adjustments for the new parents, one thing is sure, this little boy already has a family here at THS.

    “I’m so excited for them,” said senior Aliya Blakley. “They are such good teachers; I think they are going to make great parents.”

    Welcome to the Trojan Family Benjamin.

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